Castomised Cat-Tower/カスタマイズ猫タワー

PO designs and produces fully customized cat towers. We can accommodate a variety of shapes depending on the owner's requirements, surface materials, housing conditions, and cat's preference age.


Chibi is a cat who lives in Po head office. This is a work called "Poriasen" created for her. The concept of this cat tower features the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. In case you are wondering, the cost of materials is about 3000 yen. But we would like to have a design fee.... Please consult with us.

ぽ本社に住むネコさん、ちび(大きくなってオモチと改名)。彼女のために作られた「ぽリアセン 」という作品です。このネコタワーのコンセプトはフランクロイドライトの作品をフィーチャーしています。因みに材料代は3000円くらいです。でもデザイン料はほしいなあ、、、ってかんじ。要相談。

When we get an order, we draw it up in CAD and cut it out with a CNC. It doesn't take that long.