Computational Design Thinktank / コンピューテーショナルデザインシンクタンク

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Column; Architectural Agenda 1-2

The following is a discussion by Dr.Hotta of programmable architecture, which relates to the premise of triggering activities through the combination of element-reductive environmental conditions.

"The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate that the architectural fabric made by programmable architecture (PA) can reconfigure space in order to control its environment. This set space is ephemeral but can support the various activities that are compose human lifestyle. Physical architecture interferes with the environmental elements such as light (illumination), sound (volume and frequency), air (direction, speed and heat) etc. Programmable architecture will control those elements by changing its physical form. By changing form, this architecture will make different types of layered spaces." (HOTTA,K. Programmbale Architecture towards intelligent architecture. 2013)

Although almost ten years have passed since publication, the core idea is the same. In the case of this project, since it is part of the text to justify kinetic architecture, "the building must move its structure to reconfigure the space", but if the current mass-produced method of spatial configuration = domino system & universal space, other, less costly methods could be used.





Work Schema

‘PO-LLC’ is a computational thinktank in various sort of designs. On the way of design, we can advice or suggest a design and its method relates to emergent design, as well as novel design methods. We usually use CAD, BIM, simulation software, and sometimes we make software or plug-in by programming.

  • Generative Design

-Parametric Modeling and its Morphological Optimizations
  • Performance Based Design

-Methods for quantitatively evaluating the quality of design while verifying the performance of objects based on engineering simulations, etc.
  • AI Based Design

-Algorithmic methods that not only automate or save time, but also use algorithms to derive shapes that humans would never have thought of.
  • Other Mathematical Problems, and its software development


‘ぽLLC’ は各種デザインにおけるコンピューテーショナルシンクタンクです。設計活動の途上で、各種のCAD/BIM/解析ソフトウェア、あるいはそれらに独自のアルゴリズム等を付加して、創発的デザインや、新奇的デザイン案件に対してプログラムやアドバイスをすることができます。

  • ジェネレイティブデザイン

  • パフォーマンスベースドデザイン

  • AIベースドデザイン、およびその開発

  • その他、数理的に解ける問題群や、関連するソフトウェア開発